Oxford City Lawn Tennis Club

Court Timetable

  • At other times courts are free on a first come first serve basis.

  • Weekday daytimes too (but you need keys).

  • 6 grass courts May - August.

  • 4 hard courts (3 lit -- currently no charge for lighting)

  • Each match takes up 2 courts, so if only one home match, all other courts are available for free play.



Mon   4-6:pm Juniors Coaching (Seth)

     6-9:pm A Team practice(*)


Tue   4-6:pm Juniors Coaching (Seth)

     6-9:pm Social


Wed   6-9:pm Team practice(*)


Thu   6-9:pm Social


Fri   6-9:pm Singles(*)


Sat  10am-12: Group Coaching (Sam)

     1-4:pm Maybe Matches


Sun 10am-12: Social

     1-4:pm Maybe Matches


(*) Contact Hugh 07940 840 157 to get on the WhatsApp group!